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Listen to “Ep. 0 The War on Women: Battle Cry for Voting Rights, Equal Rights, Reproductive Rights, Yes!” on Spreaker.

After the upcoming Roe v. Wade decision was leaked in May of 2022, the four hosts of this podcast decided to get together and use the podcast platform to educate and mobilize listeners. In this episode, they introduce themselves, tell listeners what they’re pissed about, and discuss their hopes for the future of this podcast and the country.

All episodes begin and end with the 2017 single “Rise” by rock group Betty (www.hellobetty.com)

“Women don’t choose abortion from a sense of victimhood. They choose it from a sense of necessity and moral authority. These are decisions that are made in the integrity of an individual’s soul.”

Gloria Feldt (19:22)

In this episode, the hosts discuss:

What they’re pissed about (01:12)
This podcast’s mission (07:48)
How voting, equal, and reproductive rights are linked (11:35)
Possible ramifications for the future of American democracy (12:55)
What you can do about it (21:05)

The hosts spell out exactly why Lady Liberty is V.E.R.Y. Pissed:

V – Voting Rights

E – Equal Rights

R – Reproductive Rights

Y – Yes!

All of these rights are under fire, and they’re all inextricably linked together. Yes, these rights are on the chopping block. And yes, there is something our listeners can do about it!

The Hosts Open with Issues They’re Pissed About

Gloria Feldt is pissed because having voting, equal, and reproductive rights allows people in this country to be fully complete citizens, and she’s pissed that as a country, we’re not there. She expresses her opinion that it is way overdue that the overwhelming majority of Americans who support reproductive self-determination, get up and have crushing results in the next election.

Betty Spence has been pissed since December when Texas lawmakers decided vigilantes could go hunting for those people helping women make their own determinations about their bodies. With the expected fall of Roe v. Wade in June, women in half of the states in the country won’t know what to do should they need reproductive care.

Sherrye Henry is pissed because, as the oldest of the hosts, she came of age almost 20 years before Roe was decided in 1973. Sherrye saw firsthand the outcome of illegal abortions back then and tells the gripping story of her best friend’s botched and nearly lethal illegal abortion. For the last 50 years since Roe v. Wade has been the law of the land, she thought women were safe. She’s pissed that as Americans, we have to start fighting all over again.

Carol Jenkins is pissed that for the last 100 years, organizations and individuals have been fighting for the Equal Rights Amendment. Even though the ERA has met all of the constitutional requirements, the Archivist won’t enter it into constitutional law. The ERA has gotten so very close to being an amendment in the Constitutions – passed by Congress, ratified by 38 states – but Americans are still waiting.

What are you pissed about? Tell us at: www.ladylibertyisverypissed.com.

The Podcast’s Mission Statement

Gloria Feldt explains that while the name of the podcast sounds a little lighthearted, this is serious business. The hosts know they are doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons, and this podcast will help listeners do the same.

The mission of this podcast is to educate listeners about how our voting rights, equal rights, and reproductive rights are linked and how to rise up and fight strategically for women’s equality.

Join the hosts and millions of others to protect these rights in the crucial midterm election year and, in the process, save American democracy. The midterm elections take place on November 8th, 2022.

Turn Outrage into Action

Sherrye Henry appeals to listeners that it is time to mobilize the majority of citizens (60% of all Americans) who do, in fact, think that Roe v. Wade should be the law of the land. It is time to put together an army of outraged, determined activists to mobilize and change the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision. That means going to the midterms to elect the right people at every level. It’s going to be a huge challenge, but if pro-choice Americans cannot rise to the challenge, then everyone will suffer the outcome for years ahead. That is simply unacceptable.

Carol Jenkins states that with this ruling, it’s clear that electoral politics are critical from this point on because clearly, citizens can’t rely on the Supreme Court to do anything in the interest of women’s rights. [10:21] “It was a frank assault on women’s rights. It was a total disregard of women. It cast us as invisible and powerless, and that is why evermore so, we have got to get to the polls.”

Gloria Feldt discusses how past rulings have been chipping away at reproductive rights. She quotes Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (who did not have a liberal-leaning political record) who stated that reproductive rights “have become a part of the fabric of our culture” that women are accustomed to having.

The thread that goes through these assaults on voting rights, equal rights, and reproductive rights is using power in an undemocratic way to keep under-represented groups “in their place.” The abortion debate has never been about abortion. It’s about whether women have an equal place in this world.

Democracy is Unraveling

Carol Jenkins emphasizes that it’s only a few people, mostly in the Senate, who are blocking what most of American citizens and residents want. The system in place in today’s America means that pro-choice candidates need to have power in the Senate and in the House. People who live in this country believe in democracy, but a few elected officials consistently make decisions that are out of line with what the majority of Americans want. and since so few people make decisions that are out of line with what the majority wants, this election year is critical.

Down-Ballot Votes Are Critical, As Well

Sherrye Henry tells listeners that while a Senate supermajority is important at the federal level, pro-choice politicians must be elected at the state level. Why? Well, the Supreme Court will likely begin returning many issues to the states, and that means politicians at the state level will make major decisions regarding what is legal in their states.

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortion will potentially become a crime in 20 states before the year 2022 is out. In fact, 13 states already have trigger laws in place that will ban abortion. Alabama has a bill before its legislature that would equate fetushood to personhood and to make destroying a fetus a homicide.

Gloria Feldt brings up an article in Elle Magazine where members of Congress told their personal abortion stories.

Voting Rights Are Also at Risk

Carol admits that while she and the other hosts encourage everyone to go out and vote, they do recognize that in so many places in this country, voting options have been limited. This is done with the distinct purpose of making sure that all kinds of people who don’t fit the patriarchal mold don’t get to vote.

This podcast aims to get people fired up about ensuring access to the ballot box, constitutionally protecting women, and providing reproductive self-determination to everyone America.

What’s Next

This podcast will feature guests who will educate and inform the hosts and listeners about what to do in order to protect these rights.

Fight with us. This podcast is partnered with the organization NARAL, who has strategic plans in place to elect pro-choice candidates across the country. Use this link to become a volunteer with our partner, NARAL! 

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