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Listen to “Ep. 28 Looking Forward on the Final Episode of Season 1 with Mini Timmaraju, president of NARAL, and Dahlia Lithwick, activist author” on Spreaker.


Our hosts close out Season 1 of our podcast by discussing the midterm elections with Mini Timmaraju. They discuss the results, why things went that way, and what we need to do in the coming months and years to sustain our momentum and enshrine our rights. Then they talk to Dahlia Lithwick, author of “Lady Justice,” about the unsung heroes of securing legal rights – and how tenuous those rights are for much of the population.

Our hosts close this episode and our first season with a bit of a change – instead of opening the show with what they’re pissed about, they close it with what they’re pleased about.

And above all, we’re pleased to have had you with us throughout our 28 shows in season 1. Stay tuned for season 2, and remember that our Voting, Equal, and Reproductive (Yes!) are always on the ballot.

All episodes begin and end with the 2017 single “Rise” by rock group Betty (www.hellobetty.com)
All episodes are produced by Amy Yoder (www.alyoder.com)
Additional support provided by Cary and Logan at Broussard Global.

Full Show Notes Coming Soon!

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