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Listen to “Ep. 27 Steve and Tom Gardner are "Born to Run the Numbers"” on Spreaker.


This week, our hosts talk with two amazing guests – brothers Steve and Tom Gardner, who run a poll aggregator blog. They break down their polling methods, the snapshot of what they’re seeing just days before this critical election, and speculate on what will happen in 2024.

They also talk about the hope they have for getting the citizens engaged before and on this critical Tuesday!


Steve and Tom had this to say about being on the podcast:

Dear Gloria, Sherrye, Carol, and Betty,

Thank you so much for inviting us to be your guests on the Lady Liberty is VERY Pissed podcast. We were honored to be in the company of such accomplished, progressive, and purposeful leaders.

Let us hope that through your efforts and ours, just enough people were motivated to act in the final days to win the key races, stave off the deniers, and keep our democracy safe.

We wish you great success with your podcast, and look forward to listening to many more interesting, challenging, and important episodes.


Steve and Tom Gardner

A huge thank you to these awesome guests!

All episodes begin and end with the 2017 single “Rise” by rock group Betty (www.hellobetty.com)
All episodes are produced by Amy Yoder (www.alyoder.com)
Additional support provided by Cary and Logan at Broussard Global.

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