Lady Liberty

Collective Prayer to Precede Collective Action

And, yes, the solution to this is to vote. The converted could be comforted by this speech, but I doubt it was persuasive to any election deniers. And I’m not sure any speech would be. But the speech is the collective prayer that all democracy lovers recite daily:

Please, let there be enough of the Constitution-loving, silent Americans left who will vote for it and will insist on counting the votes.

The President and the Populous Are On Target

Each of our hosts watched the broadcast of President Biden’s speech in Philadelphia on 9/1/2022. Read the President’s full remarks per the White House website here. Read Sherrye Henry’s response below. Everything about President Biden’s speech last night was right on target: And Biden’s simple solution: “Vote. Vote. Vote.” For Americans who love their country, …

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From the Pulpit in Pennsylvania

Until last night’s speech in Philadelphia, the President had not called out the former president by name for his continued inciting of violence, his ceaseless lying about the 2020 election, or his bludgeoning of democracy. I hope President Biden will continue to speak out, as the time for a president’s silence about a predecessor has long passed.

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