Warning! Your Voting Rights Are at Risk –
Read This ASAP to Make Sure Your Vote Will Be Counted

Have you checked your voter registration? It’s important to check, even if you’ve voted before. All over the country there are reports of people who thought they were registered to vote that have recently found out they no longer are. And voting registration deadlines are coming up QUICK, in some states as early as this month! Voting is one of the best ways to get your voice heard, and if you aren’t registered, that voice is silenced. 

Take the Lead has partnered up with some fantastic organizations to provide you with information on how to register to vote, check your registration, find your polling place and anything else you need to get out to the polls this midterm election. Voting is leadership, and you have the opportunity to make a real impact in your community. If you’re with an organization, share Take The Lead’s Voter Toolkit with your group to so they’ll have everything they need come this November.

Check your registration NOW and register to vote here: weall.vote/takethelead

Join Take The Lead online this Tuesday September 20, 2022, at 3pm ET/12pm PT for the Make Good Trouble: How to Be an Effective Citizen Panel on Civic Engagement, coinciding with National Voter Registration Day. The panel will featuring Take The Lead Co-Founder and President Gloria Feldt, When We All Vote Deputy Director of Partnerships Priestley Johnson, Power The Polls Partnerships Marta Hanson and Vote Early Day Project Director Bryce Bennett in a non-partisan discussion on civic engagement, voting as leadership and how YOU can make an impact in your community. 

Register for free at taketheleadwomen.com/CivicEngagement.

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