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The President and the Populous Are On Target

Each of our hosts watched the broadcast of President Biden’s speech in Philadelphia on 9/1/2022. Read the President’s full remarks per the White House website here. Read Sherrye Henry’s response below.

Everything about President Biden’s speech last night was right on target:

And Biden’s simple solution: “Vote. Vote. Vote.”

For Americans who love their country, the way forward is clear. Now we must act on it.

Washington Post’s YouTube Video on President Biden’s speech

Sherrye Henry was the first woman in America to broadcast television editorials and became the host of “Woman!” for WCBS-TV. For 16 years, she hosted the “Sherrye Henry Program” on WOR Radio, a daily talk show that tackled the major political issues of the day. After running for the NY State Senate (and losing) in 1992, she conducted research on why women are reluctant to vote for women candidates and published the book “The Deep Divide: Why American Women Resist Equality” (MacMillan, 1994). 
Featured image source: National Park Service

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